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Image_About_meWelcome! Bienvenidos!

I am an artist in the making, enjoying the process very much and becoming more serious about art every day.

My main training has been as a biologist. I discovered art in 2005 while taking a drawing course and since then have dedicated most of my free time to making art. In 2014 I decided to quit my job and become a full time artist. I live in North Queensland, Australia

I work in a variety of media with lots of printmaking, drawing, watercolour, and paper collage.  As time goes by I am spending more time with printmaking and trying to take its extensive possibilities further by combining techniques.  The human figure and its social environment is a recurrent topic in my work.  Art gives me an opportunity to express feelings about society and people, feelings that are difficult for me to express otherwise, (perhaps for fear of offending or appear as preaching, I am still working this out!). I am also very attracted to the beauty of nature, so a combination of these two themes gives me a nice balance. Within printmaking I mainly work with relief methods (woodcut and linocut) but I am quickly expanding to include other media.  I am inspired by hundreds of artists, ‘old’ and ‘new’ but among my very favorites are Romare Bearden (especially his amazing collages), Oswaldo Guayasamin, Mauricio Lasansky, Leonard Baskin, Antonio Frasconi, George Baldessin, Tate Adams, Roger Greenhalf, Japanese sosaku hanga woodcut artists and so many more.

This website shows some of my work and my blog where I share what inspires me and more of the experiments and process of the art I make. If you are interested in purchasing any of the works please contact me using the ‘Contact’ page. Please note the following: 1) Collages: I use a variety of papers including magazine paper, which is not acid free or colour-fast (the colour can therefore fade with time).  To minimise any fading the collages are varnished with a special UV light protecting varnish, however the works would be best framed and hung away from direct light. 2) All works are sold unframed and unmatted. 3) The price does not include postage. Larger prints can be posted rolled inside a tube to minimise posting costs.

I also have an Etsy shop for some smaller works produced in larger editions. If interested please visit my shop LauraCastellArt.   

….  a facebook artist page LauraCastellArt 

…. and an Instagram account! @lauracastell7

Thanks for visiting! Feel welcome to contact me directly if you have any questions about the techniques or are interested in purchasing some of my works.


4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I am currently staying in Townsville and saw an article about you in ‘Duo Magazine’. I very much like your work and was wondering if it were possible to see some of it.

    1. Hi Judith,
      Many thanks for your interest. I don’t have work in galleries at the moment, just at home. You are very welcome to visit if you like.
      Let me know and I will give you the address and my contact number.
      Kind regards, Laura

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