Taking up blogging again…and ‘Art in Conflict’ March 2023

I find myself frequently visiting blogs that I have read for years now and
although social media provides a nice level of contact with other people, how
much we can say is very limited. So I am wanting to write more frequent blogs,
as a way to share and in the hope that I will reach more people that want to go
a bit deeper into my work.

I am due to give a Pechakucha talk in a couple of days. It follows a very fast format, 20 images, 20 seconds for each image, so the talk lasts around 6 minutes (and a few hours to prepare…!). The topic is ‘Art in Conflict’ to expand on a current exhibition of the same name at our local gallery Perc Tucker Regional Gallery name. It is a travelling exhibition from the Australian War Museum in Canberra. It has been an interesting journey to go through the art I have made over the years.

As it can often be the case, I wasn’t sure what my message was when I started, but now I know. Art gives me a voice that I would not have otherwise to speak about some difficult subjects. I do not enjoy the process of making people aware of events while using words. I find the back and forth of argumentation exhausting even if interesting. So I do not engage in that way often. But art has given me a language to say strong things. I am very thankful for the opportunity.

My presentation can be seen here

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