One small etching

I decided today to forget a little about some deadlines coming up and trying to  produce work that can be displayed to a public and sometimes that helps so much in producing something one likes. It is however not easy to separate that feeling from the actual making of art.  So today I worked with etching, and a little bit with trying to understand the aquatint process a bit more since I am really very very unfamiliar with it.  I produced this small etching of a figure and I quite like it. There is really too many unpredictable things happening in the production of this image and I am sure a next one could be completely disastrous…! That I think is what attracts me to this process so I can’t be too tight about the way I work with this medium. In any case, at least today it worked 🙂

Hardground etching and aquatint, 10x7 cm
Hardground etching and aquatint, 10×7 cm