Loosing up (2 August 2013)

I didn’t think it would happen to me so quickly but yes, other things take over and the blog goes down on the list… I must make an effort (a subtle way of making a promise).
It’s been quiet on the blog but not in life. I basically take almost every free minute from my paid work and family life to do art, so although not writing about it I am quite active in the studio. I am going through an experimental face, I think just trying to find more clearly who I want to be as an artist, how I want to draw, how I want to paint, etc. I’ve gone back to TAFE for another drawing class, which I love and keep learning from and have been using youtube and the internet to find inspiration (almost too much!).
One thing I am learning is that I like ‘loose’, realism but not realistic, and somehow figures give me the most joy, but also animals. Landscapes I can find truly beautiful but somehow I don’t feel I can transcribe the emotion into the paper…. uhmmm. So, wFigure_3atercolour and ink are very attractive to me because just by adding water the control is ‘lost’. I am sure the experts don’t lose control but I definitely do! šŸ™‚ Sometimes it is a total disaster and sometimes is what I am aiming for, so that keeps me going. HereĀ areĀ someĀ examples….face_2 Figure_5 Figure_4 Face_1

Faces in Woodcut (22 May 2013)

I very often show figuresĀ in my work and it has been a very interesting and a continuing long process to learn to create themĀ in woodcut. Recently I have been thinking of faces in particular because I am hoping to (one day soon) make an artist book with many of the faces of the people I have portrayed in my woodcut work. What is very interesting is how the way of cutting affects so much the image. I don’t know which style I like more, I just marvel at the different strength of each image and really the different message that can be transmitted depending on the technique. So I guess I need to think about that message to make sure it is what I want to say with that particular image…. uhmm often I just like the texture so much that I like to play around with different styles. The funny thing is thatĀ as soon as it crosses my mind that I am finally mastering a technique I have a total failure that takes me back to square one. In a way this surprise is part of the challenge that drives me to try.
There are lots of amazing woodcut artists that have created amazing images that show faces. The German artist KƤthe Kollwitz created some beautiful and very strong images; Leonard Baskin, Barry Moser, and many others. Below are some of the faces I have been working on. Three are full prints, and two are sections of bigger prints. I leave it to you to decide what you like best!

face_a face_b face_c face_d face_e

Let’s talk about many things!

Hola! I have been inspired by numerous blogs, to the point that whenever I feel a bit stuck by lack of inspiration or motivation, I only need to spend a little time browsing these blogs to feel inspired again. So, thank you to all those bloggers out there! I feel that by creating my own blog I can give a little back as well as having a place to share my thoughts on art, other artists, things that inspire me and anything else that comes to mind!