Loosing up (2 August 2013)

I didn’t think it would happen to me so quickly but yes, other things take over and the blog goes down on the list… I must make an effort (a subtle way of making a promise).
It’s been quiet on the blog but not in life. I basically take almost every free minute from my paid work and family life to do art, so although not writing about it I am quite active in the studio. I am going through an experimental face, I think just trying to find more clearly who I want to be as an artist, how I want to draw, how I want to paint, etc. I’ve gone back to TAFE for another drawing class, which I love and keep learning from and have been using youtube and the internet to find inspiration (almost too much!).
One thing I am learning is that I like ‘loose’, realism but not realistic, and somehow figures give me the most joy, but also animals. Landscapes I can find truly beautiful but somehow I don’t feel I can transcribe the emotion into the paper…. uhmmm. So, wFigure_3atercolour and ink are very attractive to me because just by adding water the control is ‘lost’. I am sure the experts don’t lose control but I definitely do! 🙂 Sometimes it is a total disaster and sometimes is what I am aiming for, so that keeps me going. Here are some examples….face_2 Figure_5 Figure_4 Face_1

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