Monoprints (29 September 2013)

Hello again!  I seem to be permanently in an experimenting face, but with little time, so that makes the learning very slow. Looking through my prints I discovered this monoprint that I did in my first year (or second?) of printmaking.Monoprint_women

Monoprints are particularly attractive to me, they combine drawing but take it one step further because you can’t really see how the image is truly developing. This example has a lot of room for improvement, I think what I like best is that the faces came out subtle enough.

This one is much more recent.  monoprint_2Here I am trying to capture the texture of the wood, my perennial challenge. I do like very much the intensity of the colours and don’t know if I can produce a similar effect again. These are oil inks so it is easy to ‘clog’ the wood and end up with very little texture. I am soooooo keen to learn the Japanese woodblock techniques but at the moment have no access :(. I have been following closely a very good printmaker who works with the japanese technique, Laura Boswell, she has a great website, a great studio diary with lots of advice on many topics, and lots of pictures of her beautiful prints.

I am finding out about what I must do to post images from other websites but as soon as I know I will post some images (a bit in a rush right now). I want to post more about others…. Will come back soon!

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